About Jill
Jill Broderick has twenty years of professional experience as an occupational therapist,
specializing in treatment of adult patients with chronic pain conditions, neurological disorders
and stress related illness.

Jill earned her Master of Science degree from Boston University in 1987.  She has
subsequently developed expertise in applied psychophysiology and techniques to help patients
develop self-regulatory skills to quiet the central nervous system.  Her treatment philosophy
enables patients to understand how to change their response and better manage symptoms of
stress and pain.

Jill has developed a unique practice employing integrated mind/body medicine enabling
people to improve daily performance and live well with challenging health conditions.
About Us
Professional Memberships
American Occupational Therapy Association
NJ Occupational Therapy Association
American Academy of Pain Management
Association for Applied Psychophysiology and Behavior
Associate of Princeton Biofeedback Centre - Certified Open Focus Trainer
Board Certified in Biofeedback: BCIA Certification #B5131