Treating stress related symptoms, chronic pain and neurological disorders...

Learn how to quiet mind and body using biofeedback.

Improve daily function and performance through occupational therapy.
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What is Feedback Loops Occupational Therapy Services?

People seek Occupational services when they experience problems meeting the
demands of life roles.  Pain, stress illness or other conditions may limit ability to
perform daily activities.  This may challenge an individual's perception of self, creating
frustration and anxiety.  Feedback Loops Occupational Therapy can help in the
following ways:
Feedback Loops Occupational Therapy Services
Jill S. Broderick, MS, OTR/L
NJ License # 46TR00167000
Using a Holistic Approach for Managing Pain, Stress and
Chronic Illness
Stress is addressed as a primary factor contributing
to many conditions.  Patients are taught techniques
to quiet their central nervous systems.  Whether
stress is the cause of symptoms or a product of
dealing with a physical or emotional challenge,
quieting the central nervous system can help
minimize symptoms and improve health.
All patient care is viewed within context of
Occupational Therapy practices.  Stress and any
other presenting symptoms are addressed and
treated after considering the patient's perceptions of
self, habits, organization and performance skills.  
The holistic view is used to understand and address
issues that may impact on all areas of daily function.
Each of us possess the ability to improve how we
regulate our own physiology. Come and learn how
to build new skills to manage stress and/or pain,
calm the mind, relax the body, improve attention and
maximize performance.  All that is required is
motivation and a willingness to explore new
Feedback Loops Occupational Therapy Services
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